Friday, April 3, 2020

COVID19 --- CRAZY Shake-up (MAR 22 - APR 3)

COVID19  Shake-up

When we first heard about all the COVID19 stuff we made sure all our missionaries had plenty of food and supplies to last in their apartments in case they got "stuck".  We were ready to look at how to start doing missionary work in a different way.  Then, we got notice that all our missionaries needed to return to their home countries.  We immediately started looking for flights.  We had already scheduled a zoom conference to update our missionaries.  As we were looking for flights, we noticed that we either needed to get our Curacao missionaries out that day or it would be weeks our Curacao missionaries literally had 2 hours to pack and get ready before they had to be to the airport.  It was heart-wrenching to have to say good-bye so quickly.  Over the next little while we said good bye to all but one of our North American Missionaries and many of our other ones.  All Elders who had completed at least 18 months were finished, all sisters who had completed at least 15 months were finished.  Everyone else headed home for quarantine until receiving a reassignment within their home country.  Things changed way too fast......We have 11 missionaries left.  7 in Suriname, 2 in Aruba, 2 in Guyana.  President Baird and I are here with Elder & Sister Lehman in Curacao.  We are so hoping that when things settle down and borders open back up that we get most of them back....Part of my heart is with each and every one.  

Sister Scott, Sister Baird, Sister Meyer, Sister Patterson, Sister Lindberg

Elder Wardle

Elder Flynn & Elder Jones

Elder Holman & Elder Weeks

Elder Grant, Elder Hollingshead, Elder Stauffer, Elder Frandsen, Elder Jones,
Sister Baird, President Baird, Elder Holman, Elder Flynn

For "Social Distancing" they had everyone wait outside the airport in this "group" so they weren't all in line at the same
time....even though in a few minutes they will all be on a plane together....a little crazy if you ask me.  

ZONE CONFERENCE with our Missionaries....the new FACE of missionary work.  

Family Night!!!  

With our Missionaries that were left I asked them all to send us a picture of them so I could post it on Facebook so that their parents could see that they were all healthy and happy.  

This one really made me laugh......especially when I
requested "happy" pictures
Elder Somson, Elder Baldwin, Elder Anderson, Elder Ching

Sister Snyder & Sister Anderson

Elder Wall

Elder Wetch & Elder Collier

Elder Lisala
Elder Hendrickson

Elder Ricks & Elder Christensen

Elder Deppe & Elder Ward

Elder Findlay & Elder Laurie

Elder Raymond & Elder Densley

Elder Burgess & Elder Gerrits

Elder Morgan & Elder Lewis

Elder Aydelotte & Elder Jaeger

Elder Wright

Elder Wright, Wall, Sampson, Garcia

Sister Given & Sister Lefrandt

Sister Lefrandt & Sister Given

Elder Rojo, Elder Ward
Elder Bemder, Elder Martinsen, Elder Dilworth, Elder Crane

Elder Rojo

Elder Huntsman & Elder Peterson

Elder Hale & Elder Smith

Elder Grey & Elder Newton

Sister Lindberg & Sister Meyer

Elder Bigelow & Elder Nelson

FUNNY COVID19 MEMES We shared to lightened the mood..... 

Suriname Missionaries Safely on their Flight home