Sunday, January 12, 2020

Guyana Berbice (10-12 JAN 2020)

Berbice Guyana

We arrived in Berbice on a Friday night.  Every Friday the Canje Branch has been getting together for a game night.  We went over to the church to participate.  We enjoy every opportunity we can get to spend time with members.  I brought a bag of games....the youth there enjoyed "Tenzi" a dice game that's easy for all ages to play together.  We had a really enjoyable night together.  

The older members usually really enjoy "Dominos"....We have found that
the Caribbean people are serious about their Dominos.  

Berbice Zone Conference

Back Row:  Delon Andrews, Elder Miranda, Elder Nelson, Elder Wright, Elder Singh
Elder Weiss, Elder Peterson, Elder Cruickshank, Elder Aydelotte, Elder Chase, Elder Findlay
Front Row:  President Baird, Sister Baird, Sister Lehman, Elder Lehman

Elder Weiss & Elder Aydelotte

Elder Findlay

Elder Aydelotte & Elder Chase

Elder Aydelotte & Elder Weiss

Elder Singh & Elder Peterson

Elder Wright & Elder Chase

Elder Nelson & Elder Mirnada

Elder Findlay & Elder Cruickshank

Elder Cruickshank

Elder Singh

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