Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Guyana 23-28 NOV


Elder Revilla & Elder Pingel

Elder McMillian & Elder Holman

Elder Lopez & Elder Morgan

Elder Hanni & Elder Buxton

Elder Holman, Elder Hanni, Elder Buxton

Elder Talbot & Elder Christensen

Elder Norton & Elder Smith

Elder Singelton & Elder Raymond

Elder Lopez & Elder Morgan
(I think this is their "tough" 

We had a Return Missionary Fireside where we invited all those in Guyana who had gone on missions to come (and spouses).  We also invited those who were getting ready to go.   We had an ok turn out but are hoping to do this on a regular basis and get more and more attendance.  We will be doing some that will just be  single adult activities and others that will be firesides.  There are 4000 on the membership rolls in Guyana and 1400 of those are single adults .  We don't have near that many attend regular meetings so there is a real need to find them.  We are hoping to activate this missionary force to bring about a huge mission push in this area.  Our goals are Wards, Stakes and a Temple.  We believe in Miracles and know that it is possible.  But we cannot do it without the help of the members. Incredible things can happen when missionaries and members work together. So much work to be done and we definitely feel an urgency.  The gospel message can definitely heal this beautiful country.   Elder Acosta and Elder Gammiet of the area came to this meeting.  We are so grateful for their support.  

Elder Shields & Elder Deppe

Elder & Sister Haake

Brother & Sister Narine  (They were teasing me
They came with this blanket and I thought they had
brought their beautiful new baby!  Guess I'll have
to be satisfied with pictures for a while 😉😊)
Such a beautiful Family!!

This picture cracks me up a bit....they call it their "First Presidency" Picture
Elder Hakaumotu, Elder Wall, Elder Moracco

Elder Kennedy & Elder Wall
(Elder Kennedy is always making a

Elder Moracca & Elder Hakaumotu

 Elder Haake's Birthday Party

We had Waffels!! (with all the toppings)

Playing "Spoons"  It got pretty Competitive.......

Leadership Dinner
Elder Hullinger, Elder McMillian, Elder Kennedy, Elder Petersen, Elder Hanni, Elder Depat, Elder Wall, Elder Moracca, Elder Buxton, President Baird, Sister Baird, Elder Talbot

Elder Bromdeo
He was so Excited because his actual Missionary Tags
Finally Came.  He has been Visa waiting in our mission.  He
Is from Guyana bus has been Called to serve in South Africa.
He will be leaving on Dec 11.
(Yay!! No more Sticky tag over Elder Depat's Name)

For this Zone conference we had a combined conference with ALL of the Guyana missionaries.  We usually break it into two conferences but we brought them all together for a special Christmas Zone Conference.  They really loved all being together.  It was a very special day for all of us!!

Future Missionaries
They got the Phone and were taking "Selfies"
I love these young men!!
 Brandon Savory, Jimmine Jacobs, Orlando Savory (RM)

Elder Revilla, Elder Romero, Elder Hakaumotu (with President Baird in the back)

Elder Andrews

Our Caterers (The food was delicious!!)

We gave out Christmas Stockings to all the missionaries because we won't see them again before Christmas

Special Musical Number
Elder Marks, Elder Talbot, Elder Depat, Elder Raymond, Elder Singleton, Elder Curtis, Elder Hullinger

Elder Weeks

Elder Depat

Elder Marks taking a picture of

Elder Hullinger

These are our departing missionaries.
Elder Norton, Elder Talbot, Elder Hill, Elder Hullinger

They have really left a legacy of hard work and obedience!!  So Grateful for their service.  I'm excited to see what the future holds for each of them. 

How many missionaries can we fit in the Bohne's car.  

President Baird "Contacting" in airport. He noticed this man with a
camouflage hat on.  This, of course, started up a hunting conversation.
Always good to find common ground to start with.  Kyle has a way of
connecting with people.  That makes him such a great missionary.
He truly is a "people person".  It's not hard to LOVE him.  

We are actually getting used to and starting to like the smaller airports and planes.
It saves us travel time not going through Trinidad, we cut out an hour on each end to
the bigger airports (it's only 10 minutes to the smaller ones), and I feel like
we are on a sight-seeing plane we get to see so much of the country in between. We
get to Suriname in a few hours vs taking most of the day the other way.   

Goodbye, Guyana!!

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