Sunday, February 10, 2019

Guyana Berbice (7-8 FEB 2019)

Berbice, Guyana

We got up at 3:30 in the morning in Trinidad to head to the airport to fly to Guyana.  We had spent a day in Trinidad in hopes of getting some immigration issues ironed out...but no luck.  (It's just a process......hopefully it will work itself out)  Anyway, we arrived in Guyana and headed straight to Berbice.  On the Drive there we stopped to interview the Elders serving in Rosignal and Bath.  We then got to Canje and interviewed all the Elders there.  It was a long day, but meeting with the missionaries really lifts us.  They are incredible and I really enjoy hearing their stories.  

Elder Wall & Elder Ching 

One thing that you find in Guyana is that animals are wondering everywhere.
We see horses, cows, and goats in the streets all the time, just
roaming freely.  It's quite the sight in the middle of busy streets at times.
This goat herd was just right in front of the church in Rosignal.  

THE HAAKE'S Apartment

The Best Bed & Breakfast
In Guyana!
They always take such
great care of us

Elder Kennedy

Elder Smith & Elder Lewis

Elder Lewis

He found a great chair to Wait in......Elder Haake's chair!

Berbice Zone Conference

Elder Ching & Elder Wall

Elder Lewis & Elder Smith

Elder McMillian & Elder Peterson

Elder Peterson & Elder Shields

Elder Deppe & Elder Bender

Elder Hakaumotu & Elder Shields

Elder Kennedy

Elder Ching, Elder Wall, Elder Lewis, Elder Smith

Elder McMillian, Elder Peterson, Elder Peterson, Brother Adonis, Elder Shields

Elder Shields, Elder Deppe, Elder Bender, Elder Hakaumotu, Elder Kennedy

Elder Hakaumotu & Elder Kennedy

Back Row: Brother Adonis, Elder Peterson, Elder Wall, Elder Peterson, Elder Smith, Elder McMillian, Elder Lewis, Elder Kennedy
Front Row:  President & Sister Baird, Elder Shields, Elder Deppe, Elder Bender, Elder Hakaumotu, Elder Ching, Elder & Sister Haake

Sister Bahadur Our beautiful Caterer.
She makes delicious food. 

Elderr Hakaumotu & Elder Kennedy

Special Musical Number

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